Making the Dune tribute — A Passion Project by Tomi Földes

What I love about this Dune tribute is that it is evident that the Playing field has been leveled — you no longer have to be a Hollywood big shot with a large budget and a studio apparatus behind you, to create work that looks at times just as good as what you would see on the big Silver screen

Today I’m sitting down with Tommy to hear about his journey into 3-D, his process in making the Dune tribute, and what his advice would be to people wanting to create the same level of magic he’s done here.

We get into the importance of personal passion projects, Octane vs Redshift, Cinema 4d and After effects and so much more.

Thanks so much to Tommy for agreeing to sit down with me

It was awesome to hear about his process and check out the behind the scenes of this little masterpiece. Make sure to watch the full behind the scenes video and of course the dune tribute itself.

Storyboard sketches by Tomi Földes
WIP render

Until next time keep making magic out there.