LottieFiles — The new Marketplace that sells your animations

Animation by David Probst Jr

Animators, illustrators and designers are scaling themselves and earning more from the assets they already have on their hard drives.

The problem with today’s well established marketplaces is that they quickly become saturated. Big players quickly take over and make it harder for new designers to get a foothold. 

But new marketplaces are appearing every day. Today we are featuring a new marketplace that is perfectly positioned to become a major player. 

Founded in 2019, LottieFiles.com is the number one marketplace to sell your Lottie animations. 

A complimentary career path

As communication moves from text to visuals to moving visuals in the form of video and interactive animation, new needs and roles arise within companies. 

Most web design agencies and studios do not have an animator or motion designer on staff so as clients start to request animations and interactivity across web and apps they are going to need motion designers. Apps like Calm and Google Home for Android and iOS showcase this upcoming need.

Google Home App Animations by Gunnar

Once the dotLottie format gets extended support for interactivity and the use of embedded audio and video tracks we will see so many more use cases for the format (these functions are currently on the roadmap)

One of the key tenets of earning more from your creativity is to make sure you re-utilize the assets you already have. To get out of the build once, sell once mindset and start identifying needs previously unseen. 

What are your chances of success on LottieFiles?

After investments from Adobe and an American venture capital firm we can expect for LottieFiles to keep growing and gradually cement its position in cross platform animation.

What is lottie?

Lottie is a library for Android, iOS, Web, and Windows that uses After Effects animations exported as JSON with the plugin Bodymovin and renders them on mobile and on the web.

In short it is a way to get vector animations displayed everywhere. Completely scalable and with way less CPU usage then for example a GIF or a PNG sequence. It is the animation format of the future.

Back in the day, working on UI animations was a real pain. We had to animate in After Effects, import it into Photoshop, render it as a GIF, be aware of the final file size, make sure the colors didn’t change, check out any suspicious borders… and on top of that, the final quality of the animations was always unpredictable! 

Paul Idrobo – https://www.makata.tv/

Lottie advantages:

The superior Lottie Format

How to sell on LottieFiles

To sell on LottieFiles you have to have 5 public animations uploaded to your profile and be accepted via the application here: https://lottiefiles.com/marketplace/apply . Then you are able to mark individual files for sale. You upload both the After Effects source (.AEP) and the Lottie compatible file.

You set your own prices and 30% of the sale goes to LottieFiles.

Animation by David Probst Jr

How to create a lottie file:

To find out more about how to create compatible files for sale try out the brilliant Free course by Salih Abdul Karim of Airbnb design https://lottiefiles.com/course

And check out the Figma and After effects plugins:


Expect LottieFiles to keep innovating in the space and building out its animation ecosystem to encompass even more plugins and make it easier for designers to create. 

We are also bound to see competitors spring up, right now the only competitor is: https://www.motionelements.com/lottie where designers earn 50% of every sale.