My Favorite Short-film of All Time — “Lies” By Jonas Odell

Back in the day I was editing corporate videos and creating small animations in After Effects — trying to find a career that was suitable for me. I had started honing in on video and animation and was spending a lot of time on Vimeo trying to get an overview of the most skilled people on the platform. The artisans and magicians who find a way to squeeze more out of the same tools that are available to everyone.

One day as I was going through my massive feed (Vimeo seriously needs to give us more ways to filter this view), I was stopped dead in my tracks as an amazing piece came up on my screen. That film was “Lies” aka “Lögner” by Swedish filmmaker Jonas Odell.

The first thing that struck me was the amazing use of 2D, 3D (at least faux 3D) and Live Action, with an awesome style to boot. I was floored by the way to camera moves around and I think it really holds up today — this looks every bit as modern and engaging as it did in 2009 when it was first released. I find that the longevity of a creative piece is often correlated with its ability to show me something new and to be a paradigm shift in how I see a field. Other films in this category would include The Third & The Seventh on Vimeo or Intel Visibly Smart – Batik Fractal on Vimeo

The second thing that draws me in about Lies is the true story supporting the narrative. Now, we cannot know for sure that the story is indeed true, but the authenticity with which it is relayed makes us believe it is. I love when filmmakers incorporate real audio as a base for the narrative. Turns out that real world storytelling has more value as the authenticity really does come across.

A scene from the first story in “Lies”

In preparation for making this video I found out that Lies actually won the “Best International Short” at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival — A belated congrats and Well deserved!

All of Jonas’ work is steeped in creativity without becoming artsy and impossible to follow — and I see the elements of real stories being told as a thread throughout his work. In an interview with Filmmaker Interview: Tussilago – Rooftop Films Blog Jonas talks about the stories he selects and says:

“Hopefully they let you see the world from an other person’s viewpoint for a while.”

– Jonas Odell

Credits and Links:

*- IMDb Mini Biography By: * Filmtecknarna
LIES: short film by JONAS ODELL – animated documentary
He is also on Vimeo here: Jonas odell – Director
And I see his instagram is active here:

Full list of credits for Lies:
Direction, design, editing Jonas Odell
Produced by FilmTecknarna F. Animation AB in coproduction with Sveriges Television AB –
Producer Linda Hambäck
Interviews Richard Dinter, Tinna Joné
Director of photography Per Helin
Music Martin Landquist
Sound design & mix Anders Larsson ALC