Best of Motion Design & CGI — RareViz Roundup 3

It is time for another summer installment of the cream of the crop in Motion Graphics and CGI!
If you see a piece that belongs with the same caliber of work as the pieces featured here, be sure to tip me at and I will make sure to include it next time around!

Videos included in this roundup:

Cash app By Cash App team

Creative Directors: Blazo Calovic, Sekani Solomon
Design/Animation: Sekani Solomon, Justin Morton, Trevor Kerr
Music/Sound: Jordan Solomon, Lucas Morelli

Untold Stories with Netflix By Vucko + Hornet

By Studio Vucko

RENAULT – 2020 by Landor Paris

Landor Paris.
Creative Director : Jeremie Barry
​​​​​​​Art Direction : Christophe Berthou, Damien Patie, Jeremie Barry, Geoffroy Bucaille
Animation : Christophe Berthou, Damien Patie & Geoffroy Bucaille

BILL 156 by Polyester Studio

Client: Animal Alliance of Canada
Production Studio: Polyester Studio
Creative Director: Jeremy Dimmock
Writer: Egin Kongoli
Lead Animator/Compositor: Jakub Szczesniak
Cel Animators: Marylou Mao, Sarah Abbott, SJ Lee, Lily Chiao, Ines Fragueiro, Daniel Hwang, Tianyi Zhang, Sasha Bogolyubova
StyleFrames and Storyboards: Glenn Thomas
Music and Sound Design: Roger Lima, White Noise Lab

The Tippler & The Lifter – Tommi Rahko

Tommi Rahko
The Tippler:
The Lifter: