Best of Motion Design & CGI — RareViz Roundup 2

Once again we are looking at the best projects in 3D and Motiongraphics from the last month or so. If you see a piece that belongs with the same caliber of work as the pieces featured here, be sure to tip me at and I will make sure to include it next time around!

Videos included in this roundup:

MEDUSA The Fallen Goddess

The Medusa project is a personal project in the style of a main title. A lot of people worked on this piece that has taken some serious compositing work and even been blessed with sound design by the epic ECHOLAB.

I love how they’ve pushed the organic feel of the piece by adding a tasteful amount of film grain and imperfections — really takes the piece to the next level. The overall style of the individual frame paired with the beautiful tasteful grading makes this a must see. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes that give you a glimpse into what it takes to pull off something so awesome.

Full credits: Creative Director : Frederic Colin Designers : Florent Bizec, Fabien Gibert, Frederic Colin Additional Designers : Sam’s design FX : Sam’s Design, Frederic Colin Edit : Frederic Colin Compositing : Florent Bizec, Frederic Colin, Fabien Gibert, Sam’s Design Colorist : Anne Szymkowiak Flame : Sylvian Fabre Music + Sound Design : ECHOLAB Composers : Steve Lynch, Gavin Little Sound Design & Final Mix : Gavin Little Thank you to Bandits Production, Denis Brunier, Anne Szymkowiak, Sylvian Fabre and also EchoLab

GRIN2D Family shares Kendall’s story

For the CureGRIN foundation, a foundation that works to improve lives of people living with the GRIN disorder. Rafael Gonçalves and Lorena Foucher worked on this animation that tells the story of Kendall, a child born with a rare disease. I love how simple shapes and a great story can still work so well and I am a sucker for real storytelling with animation. I love the character design and the low frame-rate look —nicely done Rafael and Lorena!

Credits Rafael Gonçalves @gonzelviz Lorena Foucher

Microsoft 365 – Free to be Free

Buck never ceases to impress. The motion design studio with offices in LA, New York and Australia is on a roll and with this new project for Microsoft they keep pushing the bar for wht a desktop app commercial can look like. Trying to bring a modern feel to the microsoft apps must have been quite a task in itself, and I think they really pull it off. I love the less conventional hand drawn sequences and the way they work with the more polished 3D. The little kite sequence is cool : ) Really interesting piece.

Credits With audio by Antfood, a creative audio studio in Brooklyn, Amsterdam and São Paulo.


From Mellow studio, a Motion and Sound Design studio from Athens, Greece, comes this project for Action Aid. I really love the color palette and the illustration that reminds me of old children’s books. The finishing touch is added with the subtle grain and imperfection overlays, that adds even more of that organic feel. I like the pacing and the editing, the camera angles and the character design — well done Mellow!

Credits: Client: Actionaid Production: Mellow Studio Creative Direction: Constantinos Kilaris Art Direction/ Illustrations: Till Noon Script: E.T. Copywriters Animation: Peter Hagis, Panos Koutivas, Constantinos Kilaris Storyboard/ Animatic: Peter Hagis Original Music/ Sound Design: Giannis Andritsopoulos Voice Over: (DC) Leonidas Chryrogonou, (Official) Paris Lykos

The Beauty

Actually this one is from earlier this year and it won the Jury’s Choice Award at SIGGRAPH 2020. According to this was a 20 month projects and the director said he learned a lot about 3d. I love the hyperreal 3d mixed with the live action shots, seamlessly blended to really drive home the point of the film.

Behind the scenes:

CREDITS Director: Pascal Schelbli VFX Supervisor: Marc Angele Producer: Aleksandra Todorovic, Tina Vest Rigging TD: Noel Winzen Underwater Cinematographer: David I. Dincer Composer: Alexander Wolf David, Petteri Sainio Sound Design: Robin Harff Voice Over: Charlie H Gardner Color Grading: Peter Hacker Additional Artists: Fynn Große-Bley, Lukas Gotkowski