Best of Motion Design & CGI — RareViz Roundup 1

Today we’re looking at the best of the best in moving pixels. We’re going take a look at some of the most awesomenesst pieces from some of the most hardworking creative brilliant studios and artists that you might have missed. If you’ve seen something that you can’t get out of your mind write me at and i’ll take a look at it!

Videos included in this roundup:

Konica Pop By Thibaut Crepelle


Instagram: @tcrepelle

Made with Maxon Cinema 4D, Octane Render and After Effects

For Those I love – Birthday by Sam Davis

For Those I love – Birthday on Vimeo

Gameboy 3D Visualization by Sabrina Garcia


Instagram: Sabrina Garcia’s (@sab_3d) Instagram profile • 10 photos and videos

Kron — Turn the stock market into social videos


Production: Luca Gonnelli

Design & Creative Direction: Ilenia Notarangelo

Design: Arianna Cristiano

Motion Engineering: Matteo Ruffinengo

Data Science: Nima Farzaneh

Animation: David Cubitt

Sound Design: Carla Gioia

Portfolio Case Study: Giovanna Crise

Built in collaboration w/ digital agency Bakken & Bæck.

The Iceman

Instagram: Marc Eijkelenboom’s (@_instamarc) Instagram profile • 57 photos and videos

The Iceman on Vimeo

Sound by: Mario Rodrigues